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Get the best of safety and preparedness with our life-saving services: equip yourself with essential skills in our 2-hour CPR, Viral Illness, and Choking Hazard course, and explore our curated kids safety shop for top-quality products to create a secure environment for your little ones

Super Safety Mum Session

Get life-saving skills in just 2 hours! Our CPR, Viral Illness, and Choking Hazard course equips you with the knowledge to handle emergencies confidently. Learn the essentials, save lives, and gain peace of mind. Book now and be prepared for any situation!


What would you do if you found your child looking lifeless?

The actions you take, can save lives.

Hello, I am Super Safety Mum. I am a Mum, Nurse, and Entrepreneur.

Come join me on Kids Safety!!! 


Our Vision

"To create a community where every individual feels safe, protected, and empowered, through our unwavering commitment to giving back and promoting safety."


Our Mission and Super Safety Mum's #1 Priority 

Giving back to the community and keeping your Loved ones Safe!

Our Value Statements

  1. Excellence: We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, delivering high-quality safety education and community service to ensure the best possible outcomes for individuals and families

  2. Integrity: We conduct ourselves with integrity, upholding honesty, trust, and ethical standards in our interactions with the community, stakeholders, and partners. We prioritise transparency and accountability in all our endeavours.

  3. Empathy: We approach our mission with empathy and compassion, recognising the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals and families. We foster a supportive and understanding environment, providing empathetic care and resources to promote safety and well-being.

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